About us

Our approach is a well struck balance between cost, time and quality.

Delivering Development, Project, Cost and Construction Management services into Africa.
About us

Nuvo Consulting is a Construction Consultancy firm who believe that innovation is at the forefront of our offering, with sensitivity to each individual business case and the specific required outcomes of our client’s project. We are persistent, accurate and detail orientated from commencement to final delivery.

Our energetic entrepreneurial thinking infused with a rich experience born and rooted in soils of this great African continent allows us to think beyond conventional boundaries. It provides platforms to explore and to possibly further optimise on not only cost efficiency, project delivery but ultimately the outcome of projects and impact thereof within the geography of the project.

Our Approach

Our approach is a well struck balance between cost, time and quality; ensuring the ultimate protection for our clients.

Our team constantly strives to not only enhance but to further develop our clients' business opportunities to create prospects of significant expansion and increases in growth of the potential return on investments.

Our focused, balanced and outcome orientated team is here to protect the outcome of your investments

Our Philosophy

Our approach is optimistic realism, combined with an energetic forward-thinking strategy. Our proactive attitude combined with leading industry knowledge in excess of 30 years' experience, places us at the forefront of realising projects.

Our Mission

Ensuring proactive interactions with clients. Enhancing partnerships through loyalty and transparency. Engaging positively to extend client partnerships. Indefinitely.

Our Vision

Through an energetic approach and adaptability, we create positive synergy, which allows us to better serve our clients and ultimately drive us to the forefront of our industry.

Our Promise

With our passion for the African Continent and our deep belief in the growth potential of its people. We are commited to utilise both our knowledge and passion to foster successful partnerships and enduring projects across Africa.

Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ business needs, in compliance with the highest international standards. Ensuring our clients significant advantages in project development, financing, construction and operations.
BBBEE Level 2 Contributor

NUVO Consulting is committed to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
and is continuously looking to maintain and improve it's standing with suppliers and customers alike.